About us


YEAT was born from the initiative to provide support for young entrepreneurs working in the world of construction, wood processing, health system, IT, research, trade and services. YEAT engaged in founding and managing the “ProCon” construction cluster and “ProMed” medicine cluster.
Between the main objectives, one can find:
· Internal and external market research;
· Compilation of databases of suppliers of raw materials and potential beneficiaries;
· Verifying the correctness of obtained information;
· Facilitating collaboration among members of the association;
· Ensuring the flow of information between companies producing, trading and designing;
· To liaise with associations / in-country and abroad organizations and to contribute to a collaborative network to obtain the information needed to improve sales activity, raising technical levels of production and modernizing marketing activity;
· Organize joint participation of members in exhibitions and fairs;
· Providing infrastructure and technical assistance for projects;
· Professional training and organization of educational courses “Business to business”;
· Organization of different events, experience exchange;
· Cluster formation in medical&construction and other fields, and the management of the latter, in the same time helping the cluster members in researching and in partnerships;
· Networking with public institutions and educational institutions;
· Providing technical advice, information about new technologies;
· Fundraising for financing projects of the association;
· Ensure partnership with similar associations having the same goals in order to create the necessary framework to achieve objectives related to the functioning and activities of the association. The “YOUNG ENTREPRENEURS ASSOCIATION FROM TRANSYLVANIA” Association will be able to become a member in similar associations.
· Support the development of the commercial activities of its members and collaboration with similar associations, supporting local, regional and national authorities in order to facilitate the economic and social development of the target area, including through public-private partnerships;
· Research and development activities, innovations – Research and development on natural sciences and engineering;