Online Marketing & E-commerce in 2017, Startup Week Saint George 2017

We organized a workshop about online marketing. We invited 5 speakers who talked about different topics.
How to leverage social media to build your and your company’s brand. What tools to use to automate social media. How to grow your social media without paying for ads.
– Frici Barabás
Do you want to sell online? What are the entry costs? Topics: stereotypes, failures and best practices. In the second part of the presentation, I will show you the model of the future selling.
– Kállai Emanuel

How to introduce PR in your online marketing strategy?Best practices and immediately usable PR suggestions for SMEs to improve their media relations and successful communication strategies.
– Gábor Balázs

Audience-segmented communication
We will talk about newsletter service, text message service, opportunities on Facebook and Instagram, fidelity card system and e-booking system

– Magyari Attila
Advertising on Social Media
Social media ads tools and networks available are constantly evolving. However, the key principles of effective social media advertising are much more stable. We are going to talk about how advertising on social media can grow your brand and sales.
– Bogyó Roland